Old Fashioned Ice Cream Shop

Want to have an authentic ice cream eating experience? We at Tastee Shakes are proud to serve as our community’s favorite old fashioned ice cream shop known for our wide selection of ice cream flavors and other savory snacks.
Our old fashioned ice cream shop is committed to serving the highest quality soft serve ice creams in a bonanza of both traditional and more creative flavors that will delight you and your family. In addition to ice cream, we also make delicious old fashions shakes, savory chili cheese hot dogs, and cheese fries that exceed our loyal customers’ expectations. Our friendly and experienced staff work to ensure that all of our customers find fun ice cream flavors and salty snacks that they will love based on their personal preferences. Next time you are looking for a sweet frozen treat, visit our inviting old fashioned ice cream shop. We look forward to satisfying all your ice cream cravings.